Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcoming 2013

Shirt: Random | Pants: Picnic | Sneakers: Superga | Leather tote: Random from Bali

Hello and a Merry New Year to all of you!
With all the travelling within this week, I am exhausted as hell. JKT- SIN - BALI - SIN - JKT. I have finally settled down on my day bed, getting prepared to hit the sack; but all I really want is Garrett's popcorn. Which I highly doubt that Jakarta has it. (Just googled and I am right, they don't). 

Anyway, here is my obligatory new year's day post.
2012 has been a wonderful and pleasant year for me. I am thankful for good health, love, family, friendships and last but definitely not least, my career. Being in Jakarta has been such an eye opener and many things were encountered and learnt. This has exposed me to the existence of poverty, hardships and lack of humanity. It has also shown me the reality that living in this tiny country, Singapore, there is so much more out there in the world that we don't see and experience. 
It has also made me appreciate SG more than ever and that I wanna live no where else but here. The fresh air, the traffic, the public transportation... These are things we take for granted. 

2012 will definitely be one of my favourite years to reminisce and talk about in the future.  
Happy New Year everyone. Lets start writing great things on the first page of our 365 pages book for 2013. Have a brand new start, achieve the things we dream about, and enjoy it all the way. 

Stay gold.

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