Friday, 4 January 2013

B for Beautiful

Tassel skirt: Topshop | Fringe Blouse: Zara | Embroidered Straw Clutch: Dorothy Perkins | Head Scarf: Diva | Shades: Vintage Ray Ban | Sneakers: Superga | Accessories: everywhere

This was one of the most unproductive day but most beautifully well spent. 
It was my birthday and everything was all about relaxation and tranquility. Our first stop was at the most divine heavenly spa, Karma Kandara. It has amenities that redefine first class – private beach lagoon, bridges, stone walkways and little paths meander through vivid tropical gardens. Our private suite is an open air platform over looking the ocean. And just beside it is our very own hot tub with suana and outdoor shower. Everything was amazing as we were at the top of the mountains, in-taking nature at it's best state and nothing seems to bother us; Except halfway through our treatments, a monkey decided to join us. But that was more cute than it was disturbing.

After rejuvenating our souls, we headed to the most talked about Jimbaran Seafood Beach Club. Throughout the countless kilometers beach were rows and rows of seafood eating restaurants. We were there just in time to catch the (my very first) sunset. It was the most beautiful thing ever. Immediately, I had to beg Nazry to get off his lazy ass and take pictures of me.

Like I said, most unproductive but most beautifully well spent day; Because that was it - And I loved every moment of it.


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