Friday, 30 November 2012

Its December.

Hi readers!
I am so excited for what this month will bring. If you have read my last post, November has been very depressing. And I know, as cliche as it may sound - there is sunshine after every rain. :)
My blog posts from this December onwards, I am going to jot down the adventures I am awaiting to encounter during my start up on Jaapoh Vintage. 

In case you are wondering what Jaapoh Vintage is - I have a dream of opening a boutique filled with pretty vintage pieces from all over the world - furniture, dresses, jewelry, etc...  But as the budget was low, I had to humble my plans and begin with being a web store first. In the past 11 months, my dream of creating a this vintage boutique has gone from notebooks full of ideas sketched, traveling to different countries scouting for merchandise, 10 hours of every available day I have working on the web store and operational documents, and last but not least, becoming an eBay addict. The hours spent working on Jaapoh Vintage while juggling with my 8-5 day job as an interior stylist was - and still is - really tough. But this experience I am encountering, its worth of every minute that I don't get to sleep. 

Within these next few months, a lot will be happening. Follow me here or on instagram (@juddaye) to see where I am headed next in my scene for Jaapoh Vintage.

Gonna run to the dry cleaner's now.
It is December already. 


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