Monday, 3 December 2012

A trip to the market.

 Parka Jacket: Random ; Orange Skort: Vintage ; Leather boots: Topshop ; Bag: Vintage Picard

On Nazry - Military Shirt: Random ; Printed Shorts: ASOS

One of my comfiest and snuggled looks I have worn in awhile. 
This is my outfit when we went scouting for Jaapoh Vintage - tank top, light weighted shorts and a comfy outerwear incase it rains. The market we went to was a really rundown old building and the floors were pretty much uneven. Luckily I was wearing my trusty worn out boots from ages ago. 

Anyways, the weather in Jakarta recently has been nothing but amazing. It drizzles but never pours, and the sun has not been scorching hot like how it was just a month ago. 
I love monsoon season, so much. 
Wearing several layers and not feeling sticky in this tropical climate is probably the best feeling ever.


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