Monday, 5 November 2012

Introductory Post

Jaapoh are initials for Judi And A Piece Of History.

Like the name says, Judi has a love for fashion and all things vintage that tells a story. This has inspired her to come up with this blog to serve as a platform to share, as well as document her everyday life revolving around these fixes.


Profile: Judi
Profession: Interior Stylist
Age: 21

“They want to make this world a better place; I just want to make it a better place to look at”

You walk past an obscure back lane and you find a pile of abandoned household items. You see an old chair past its prime, a table lost for use and a refrigerator that’s outlived its time. Judi sees 3 items that could be of some use, 2 reasons why it should be salvaged and one very beautiful picture of a family having dinner in the kitchen during the 80s.
Judi’s obsession with old things and her uncanny ability to see purpose in things that was once of value has inspired her to form Jaapoh; whose main cause is to inspire creation as well as share its perspective on the beauty of treasures from the past.

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