Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Something different.


Can you remember the last time you did something spontaneous, something that caught you off guard and surprised you? I feel as though my life is the same shit, different day. I am too young to be this bored! 
I have been hating how much I am traveling (once or twice a month) to and fro, Jakarta - Singapore! When I surf the web for cheap air fares back to Singapore for the weekends, I would steal a glimpse at the fares to Japan, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, you get the gist... At times, the fare would at a ridiculously affordable price and temptation would wriggle through the tips of my fingers to click on the icon that says "book now". But never had I once succumb to it these past 7/8 months. (Ok, don't include M'sia and Bali, it was my birthday!)
Confused? Don't be. 
How could I put up with myself to spare that extra hundreds of dollar to be at these places when I could be back in Singapore to be with my family and friends? I spent an inordinate amount of my time whining about the things I am possibly missing out. But sometimes, it seems as though I have maxed out my potential in these 2 countries and all I really wanna do is travel somewhere else. Absorb the culture of where that place has to offer. Right now, I am probably too paralyze by guilt to do anything about it now. 


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