Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Inspiration board - Keira Knightley

Keira KnightleyLately, I have been going to this DVD store near my neighbourhood. One really awesome factor about that place is that they arrange their DVDs according to actors/actresses. Bought a couple of movies featuring Keira Knightley and what do you know - I adore everything about her so much. Her elegant movements, the way she speaks, her lustful body, her hair, last but not least, her clothes.

This year my Lunar New Year outfit is inspired by none other than Knightley.
Think shades of nudes, sheer blouses, long a-line or flowy skirts (Chloe), vintage loafers, locket charms. So in love....

Finally went around to do an inspirational board on the Polyvore website. For many years I have wanted to try them out, but I was never this inspired. (Except for when I was back in school of course.) As this is my first time, please pardon my inspiration board skills, I will get better I promise. If you have a polyvore account, follow me here! Otherwise, what are you waiting for. Create one now!

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