Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A date to the streets of universal studios.

With all the chaos that Chinese New Year brought, I managed to crawl out of it and spend valentine's day with my Valentine.
My favourite day spent with my favourite person, Nazry. 
Because I had to be back in Jakarta by the 14th feb for work, this was sort of our advance Valentine's date followed by a wonderful meal at Addictions. The last time I was in a theme park was a very long time ago. So long that I almost forgot how much I absolutely love adrenaline rush. In fact, one might say I live for the adrenaline. I know if I can/allowed, I would have already bought a scooter and ride along the roads of chaotic Jakarta. 

Anyway, have you voted for me as one of the top 10 finalist for the campaign "Fashion Is You"? If not, please do me this huge favour and click here or on this link and scroll down to find this picture titled "Can't Get Enough of Floral Prints". Click on the heart icon to vote. Realize my dream trip to Paris for me will you. :)


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