Monday, 1 April 2013

Post Bali Syndrome

Finally, being able to sit in front of my mac with my PJ's on, a hungry stomach and tired eyes as a result of insufficient sleep that I have been having for the past few weeks.

Oh Bali, where should I begin. Probably I should start from booking the tickets just 4 hours before the next available flight out. The craziness of this impromptu decision was so worthwhile. I had only packed a light suitcase with 2 sets of clothing and no swimwear! I know... Wait, Whaaat!? Yea... apparently I left them all in Singapore with the thought that I wouldn't be back in Bali that soon. What was I thinking! It was for the better anyway. I hate having to unpack damp swimsuits that was still sandy from the beach. 
My time is Bali was so short-time but pretty epic. The warmth and fresh air that was supplied was so necessary. Currently back in busy bustling Jakarta.
So ready to leave the city again. Bring it on, travels... I'm waiting for you. 


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