Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My asymmetrical vest in Bangkok!

Last week just right before leaving Jakarta - Bangkok,
I scored these romanian architecture-like babies at an upholstery store while looking for sofa fabrics. Initially, I had all intention to make a pencil skirt out of it, but I don't have a sewing machine. And what's cooler and easier to make than a pencil skirt - a vest!
Instructions and pictorial below for the DIY steps.

Lets go!:

1. Buy a really nice fabric of your choice. 
2. The length and width could be of any measurement you like depending on how much drape you prefer. In this particular vest, it was a 1m(W) x 1.4m(L).
3. Measure your back [from pit to pit] 
4. Find the centre of the fabric vertically, measure out the length of your back, add 2cm of ease of each side.
5. From there, draw an approximately 15-20cm line on each side [depending on how big your arm-hole is]
6. Cut along the line
7. Voila~
Anyway, Bangkok was simply divine. 
I actually have not been there in a year and a half and it's silly of me to forget how much I actually miss that chaotic city. I'll have more posts up on the blog within these couple of days. Stay tune.

These pictures were taken in the beautiful hotel room that I stayed in. VIE Hotel. Splendid from the interior, to the location, facilities and service. Great price for a 5-star boutique hotel. Click here to check their webpage out. 


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