Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Strollin' Siam in Vintage

Bangkok as usual was productive and fruitful for shopping. Like I said before in one of my earlier post, my love for BKK is a never ending love story. It continues to surprise me each and every visit.

But as much as I love travelling, I am glad that this streak has come to a halt. I am physically drained from juggling my very hectic work schedules and impromptu travel plans. Not only did it tire me out, it has also succeeded in cutting a big fat hole in my wallet. I need to save for this "special" thing that might be happening in my life in the next couple of months. Not announcing it until its concrete. Don't wanna jinx it now, do we?

Picked out this very dainty vintage pleated dress in JJ market. If you have been following me long enough, you would acknowledge my style as anything but feminine. Although sometimes I try being girly, it never really turns out right. With that being said, this outfit was put together in less than 3 minutes.
My usual: Dresses with sneakers.
I am glad I have been known for pairing these 2 combination all the time. Which is exactly what I have done for this outfit. My Supergas never fail me.

Happy midweek everyone.


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