Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Overalls & Me

Overalls: Bangkok ; Tee: Nikoo ; Acrylic wedge: Jeffrey Campbell ; Cap: ASOS ; Shades: Vintage Ray Bans 

2 weekends ago, I was in Singapore for a 14 hours trip to tie up some loose ends. 

Current city: Jakarta

Although my life have been pretty hectic with work and other stuff right now, I've still got Singapore at the back of my head. Catching up supper with my best friend and having early breakfast with my sister was definitely the highlight of my April. What my sister made me realise was that I have not been home in more than 2 months and that we miss each other too much. Now, I wouldn't blame her for getting mad at me. But at the same time, sometimes you just gotta go on a hiatus so you can freshen up and get back into the swing of things, don’t ya think? Hehe!

Anyway, this overalls was such a score (SGD$12) at the Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok. The tweed light weight fabric was exactly what was needed. It didn't cling onto my body unnecessarily, and neither was it too baggy. Just puuurfect~ Paired them with my over-worn vintage Ray Ban's, Jeffrey Campbell acrylic wedge, and a pretty not-so- basic tee. This black shimmery crew neck t-shirt that I got at a yard sale is probably the most versatile tee that I own. It is by an Indonesian local label, Nikoo. Trust me, this is definitely gonna be one of my favourites to be on rotation. 

Ps: wearing basics; no prints, or bold colors, will always be my default outfit.


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