Monday, 1 October 2012

Wedding in Ipoh

Vintage Volkswagan van with 1960's flower power print.

Giant gorgeous blue hydrangeas (yes, its just one stalk) potted into a silver tin, tied around the church pew.  

The whole setting has an old dutch colonial charm. Reminds me of my late grandmother's old rattan furniture she treasures so dearly. Ah, reminiscing... 
Fyi, the couple standing by the door are not the bride and groom. They are just messing around. 

Fresh ivy leaves and gerbera flowers in all the pop colours were used throughout the reception table.

 Tissue pom-poms fromWonderland . These are the best and easiet props to use. Especially if the interior is orignally unappealing, just spam these pom poms. From ceiling to floor. They will definitely work. Wonderland has them in a huge variety of colours. :)

We also used gerberas flowers for centerpieces on all 62 tables. Arranged in maison jars and tied randomly with twine.

This wedding was dated months ago, even before I left for Jakarta. I know I am four months too late, but Congratulations to the couple, Desmond and Sarah again. :)  
Our friend, Tong was the brains behind the wedding. He was inspired to do a pop art themed wedding. The 3 of us had only 14 hours to rush out this wedding and we were running on only 1 hour of sleep. I remember catching a nap whenever I could in the car when we were heading towards a different location. It was a crazy, hectic, impromto wedding and it was only the 3 of us running it. Despite all that, we really did had so much fun just enjoying each other's company. x.

Oh and special thanks to Tong for sponsoring this trip. So much love. xOk, this image isn't in Ipoh, but I can't find an image of us 3 together.

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